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2021 Races and Activities

Maidstone head

SEPtember 2021


Maidstone Head 2.5km course 7 Medway crews participated in the first club event since lockdown, around two years after the last club event (Medway 2019). Each crew performed admirably, resulting in two wins, one for Aidan Harwood (10:22) and the other for Ruta Aisthorpe (11:15), both in singles. 
The master’s quad, compromising of Ralph Humphrey, Shaun Martin, Aidan Harwood and Martin Miller, were just 4 seconds off their competition, and fastest time of the day, doing the course in 8:43. 
Other crews that competed were Douglas Kergall and Mohan Dell in a double (9:30), Robin Philpott and Graham Mitchell-Hill (9:56), Martin Miller and Emily Watkins-McNab (10:25), and Mike Frith (12:18).

Weybridge Silver Sculls

October 2021


Douglas Kergall and Mohan Dell represented the club at Weybridge Silver Sculls, a 3.3km course, racing in their double. Although the conditions were good, and were able to row the distance in 13:30, they finished fourth out of eight crews racing in their category. It was still a very enjoyable row, on a good course

Medway Head 2021

October 2021

The flagship event of the year brought in both familiar, and new, faces to celebrate the return of the Medway head, a 5km race, after last being ran in 2019. Clubs that attended were Gravesend, Kent University, Lea, Maidstone and Mossbourne Rowing Academy. 
Medway put forth, four crews, including both a woman’s composite eight and a woman’s quad of members who joined in the summer doing their first ever race! The master’s squad, comprising of Ralph Humphrey, Shaun Martin, Aidan Harwood, Martin Miller, won their category, rowing the course in 15:19, only 11 seconds off the fastest time of the day, which was claimed by Maidstone Invicta. The woman’s composite eight, which had our very own Elizabeth McVeigh and Ruta Aisthorpe flying the Medway colours high, won fastest women's overall with an impressive 16:29.
Other crews that competed on the day for Medway were Graham Mitchell-Hill, Mohan Dell, Robin Philpott and Douglas Kergall (15:59) and the woman’s quad, Molly Coxon, Lisa Branson, Liz Cornwell and Lucy Evans (19:53).

Kingston Small boats Head

November 2021


Douglas Kergall and Mohan Dell represented the club at Kingston Head of the River, a 5.2km course, racing in their double. After suffering defeat from previous races, the crew were eager to set the record straight after their success in 2019. After an eventful race, which included a couple of close calls with other crews, they rowed the distance in 19:48, winning their category by almost 40 seconds. 

Docklands Head 2021

november 2021

4 crews represented Medway at Docklands Head, a 2.75km course, including our first composite crew with our new allies in rowing - Kent University - which was a woman's double. Although conditions were not great, all crews braved the conditions and performed admirably. Graham Mitchell-Hill and Robin Philpot won their category, racing the course with an adjusted time of 11:24. The other crews that raced were a quad with Graham, Mohan, Robin and Douglas (11:04), Douglas Kergall and Mohan Dell (11:49), and Liz Cornwell and Emma Moss (16:15).

L-R Mohan Dell, Douglas Kergall, Graham Mitchell-Hill, Robin Philpott, Liz Cornwell, Emma Moss.

Walton Head

December 2021

3 crews participated at Walton Small Boats Head, a 3km course, consisting of 2 sculling doubles from Medway, and a coxless pair from Kent University. 


Ralph Humphrey and Shaun Martin won their category (open masters D), completing the course in 10:36, the 14th fastest sculling crew of the day, out of 200 crews! Douglas Kergall and Mohan Dell completed the course in 10:42, the 19th fastest crew of the day. 


The Kent University pair finished the course in an impressive 10:46, the 13th fastest coxless paired crew out of over 30."

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