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Greenwich Head


23rd February 2014

Thanks to Rebeca Paiva for the photographs

The Greenwich Head this year took place in very windy conditions. From a safety aspect, the length of the course was reduce from its normal 5K to 3.5K and finished at the Dome. The Club entered two IM3 Quads and a Men's and a Ladies Novice Fours along with a Medway Poplar Quad. The IM3 Quad consisting of Doug Kergall, Huw Jones, James Barrett and Lewis Irons won their category. The winning crew is pictured below with Doug making a course check.


Other Medway crews that competed are pictured below.

IM3 Quad

Novice Men Coxed Four

Ladies Coxed Four

Medway Poplar Quad



2014-02-23 Green Hd Novice Women
2014-02-23 Green Hd Novice Men
2014-02-23 Green Hd Med Pop Quad
2014-02-23 Green Hd IM3 Quad B
2014-02-23 Green Hd IM3 Quad A
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