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Hammersmith Head


The Senior Squad took part in the Hammersmith head on 10th March 2013.

On arrival the whole crew admired the clear calm and flat River Thames. That soon changed once the event got underway and crews were seen at the start pre-bailing foot wells. The crew soon realised it would be in for some wet and cold conditions during the race which is exactly what they got.

The conditions consisted of high freezing winds pushing boats on one side and gusting into squared blades and the water became very rough with waves crashing over the bow and onto the bow man. Putting their rough water skills to the test the crew managed to limit the amount of water taken on, unlike some others that unfortunately shipped too much to keep rowing and abandoned their boats.

The final results are in and out of 100 starters the Medway IM3 crew finish 40th overall which was ahead of numerous IM2 and IM1 boats. In the IM3 category they finished in 8th out of 21 starters.

The crew, pictured below, consisted from Bow to Cox,

Bow James Barrett, 2 Douglas Kergall, 3 Jij Chow, 4 Sam Anderson, 5 Scott Bagwell, 6 Huw Jones, 7 Reuben Grice, 8 Tom Bore

Cox: Zoltan Szotyori

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