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Reason to row at Medway

Why You Should Love Rowing!


1. Good Mental HealthThe rhythmical activity of rowing and training outdoors on water is great mindfulness and stress buster.


2. Improves balance, muscle and joint mobility. The range of motion for the rowing stroke, conducted within a moving boat seat engages core strength and increases flexibility.


3. Low impact training that gives great resultsRowing uses all the major muscle groups. Good form minimises the risks of injury associated with high impact or contact sports.


4. Enhances heart and lung capacity, in order to provide oxygen to the major muscle groups being exercised.


5. Great weight management. Rowing is an aerobic sport, which is great for burning calories, and uses twice the calories as running, without the impact on joints. 

Why You Should Love Rowing at Medway!


1. Great River. The club has direct access to the River Medway at Rochester. 5km east takes you past Medway history of Rochester Castle, Chatham Docks to Upnor Castle. 5km west is a wide, uninterrupted training row to Wouldham Church. 

2. Year round access. We row throughout the year. The tidal Medway means we are open for training when other clubs are restricted due to heavy rainfall and flooding.

3. Extensive club fleet. The club offers a range of boats from singles to 8's, lightweight and heavyweight for the unrestricted use of members.

4. Flexible training and rowingNo compulsory training commitments, or rigid training times. Members enjoy unrestricted access to the club facilities.

5. Great club cultureRun by club members for the benefit of club members. We welcome rowers of all standards from elite to recreational, maintaining a proud tradition of an inclusive local club.

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