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Maidstone Head Race - October


The Club had a very good day at the Maidstone Small Boats Head bringing home 6 category wins. Below are pictures of our winners.


 - Sophie Taylor who won Women's J15 Single Sculls in her very first race.


- Doug Kergall, bow and Mike Smith Stroke on their way to winning Novice Double Sculls.


 - Mike Smith winning Novice Single Sculls.


 - Medway's winning Coxed J15 Quad Scull

Bow, Nick Prescott: 2, Harry Cox; 3, Jacob Wynn: Stroke, William Brown; Cox, Liam Phipps


 - Bow, Robin Philpott; Stroke, Graham Mitchelhill - Masters C Double Scull


Masters C 4+ Cox Zoltan, Tom Bore, Graham Mitchelhill, Graham Semark, Robin Philpott

2012 MaSmBo J15-1X - Sophie
2012 MaSmBo J16 4X + Cox
2012 MaSmBo Masters C-1X - Mike Smith
2012 MaSmBo Masters C-2X - Philpott-Mitchelhill
2012 MaSmBo Masters C4+
2012 Nov 2X Kergall&Smith
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