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Safety plan

2019 Safety plan

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If you steer boats, either as a coxswain or steersperson or you are a single sculler, it is imperative

that you are familiar with the recommended circulation pattern and that you obey the rules.


For when the clocks change please read up on the night rowing rules

DOWNLOAD the document for the info


Hypothermia  =  The condition of having an abnormally low body temperature.


It is important that potential members are able to meet the minimum "British Rowing" swimming requirement which is 50 metres in light clothing.  Although it is rare for members to find themselves in the water, it is in the interest of all members to be able to exceed the minimum requirement.  Capsize drills are practised in a safe environment and certificates issued to members who complete the exercise.  Failure to meet the standard would not preclude membership but the inability to meet its requirements should be reported to the Safety Advisor.

Hypothermia can arise due to exposure to severe cold conditions but our special interest in the subject is as the result of falling into the water. It is uncommon for members to find themselves in the water but should it happen it is important that members know how to react, particularly when it is very cold.

Before you go out, think, "how you will get out."  In the absence of the Club having any proposals regarding the issue, a very good website exists specifically for rowers and it is recommended that all members familiarise themselves with its content so that they may be prepared for an emergency . Please review with particular reference to pages on:-

 Cold Water Survival and Hypothermia.

Also read the FAQ's and the Support Us pages. It could save a life.

The site has many useful documents that can be downloaded and key

points extracted from the above website are included in the panel below.

Hypothermia - Key Points

⦁ Hypothermia is not just a winter thing.

⦁ You need a safety plan before you go out – and a rescue plan to make sure you get back.

.⦁ Be vigilant. Hypothermia can creep up on you.

⦁ Keep warm in air by keeping active. Keep warm in water by keeping still.

⦁ If your crew can’t do their sums they may be cold, not stupid.

⦁ In cold water we are all poor swimmers.

⦁ You get - dead cold in air slowly

⦁You get- dead cold in water quickly

⦁ If dead cold in water with no lifejacket – you get dead

⦁ Hypothermia? Hospital!

Meanwhile:⦁ Keep Still⦁ Keep Horizontal⦁ Keep Sheltered⦁ Keep Wrapped

⦁ In hypothermia, let the hospital do the heating.

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