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The Royall Cup

Gerald Royall in 1957

Norman Royall in 1935

Gerald and Norman Royall joined Medway Rowing Club in the mid 1930's and each became a stalwart supporter of the Club.  Norman's career took him away from the area but Gerald remained and he became one of our much loved elder statesman.  After his death in 1993 his widow, Mrs. Nora Royall, wished for Gerald and Norman's names to be commemorated within the club. The Committee suggested it would be fitting if they were associated with the person deemed by the Captain to be worthy of the award  'Clubman of the Year'.  Mrs. Royall agreed that it would be a nice way to remember her husband and his brother.  She very generously gave a trophy in their names and, in 1993, kindly attended the club dinner to make the inaugural presentation to Lynsey Moore.  Since then, the Cup has been engraved and presented annually and its presentation at the Annual Club Dinner usually raises the biggest cheer of the evening. Below is a list of the holders to date.


2021 not awarded

2020 not awarded

2019 Mike Frith

2018 Tim Close

2017 Fran Holgate

2016 Shaun Martin

2015 Zoltan Szotyori

2014 Anna Flawn

2013 Doug Kergall

2012 Barry Pearson

2011 Dave Cooper

2010 Alan Blackman

2009 Not Awarded

2008 Ted Hills & Brian Dees

2007 Not Awarded

2006 Ian Wright

2005  Carol Bristo

2004 Ian Wright

2003 Bob Kemlo

2002 Ron Bishop

2001 Liz McVeigh

2000 Barry Pearson

1999 Dave Duce

1998 Nick Brooks

1997John Player

1996 John Beeby

1995 Jim Powell

1994 Rory McFarland

1993 Lynsey Moore

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